Upcycled street and vintage fashion. Made in New York.


An upcycling brand inspiring sustainable fashion in our everyday lives.

In Chinese, KAN (看; pinyin. kàn) means to see, to guard, or to look after. In essence, the character encapsulates principles of upcycling and eco-fashion — which is at the heart of our company and brand. Here at KAN., we believe that sustainable fashion is not a choice, but the future. 

KAN. strives to provide its consumers with trendy, upcycled clothing items at affordable prices — without the negative environmental impact associated with mass-producing, fast-fashion retailers such as ZARA and Urban Outfitters.

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Our first pop-up is set to launch in Fall 2018. Featured below is a snippet of a governing themes for pieces featured at the store:

While “ming” means “name” or “identity” in Chinese, the first collection name has a double meaning, as it is also the Chinese name given to KAN.'s founder at birth.

Each item in KAN,'s inventory has its own story, attempting to reveal a few of the myriad motivations that govern daily life. This includes the politics of identity, gender, social media, and interpersonal relationships.


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